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I Want to Make a Donation

As you’ve seen from our site, we’ve found that a major holistic solution is needed. The costs to run the needed programs far exceed what our foundation can afford. We are nevertheless committed and happy to provide the infrastructure, staffing, and significant funding that is required for all our programs. 

All our programs are free to youth and families.


We are applying for grants to help with all projects over $100,000.  Also, many of our friends have already offered to help our youth in some way, either as volunteers or by donating, and they have suggested that we ask others.

"I can tell you that every penny, both yours and ours, is being carefully budgeted, monitored, and the results measured." - Bob Bolduc

If you wish to donate, continue below. You can specify which programs you want to support, and every dollar will go directly to it!

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