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Tutoring, in its many forms, is a valuable tool to improve learning.  As such, we are committed to it. The various types that we utilize are:
High Impact

High Impact is proven to produce substantial learning gains. It responds to individual needs and complements learning.  It involves multiple sessions each week, solid relationships, close monitoring of student knowledge and skills, alignment with school curriculum, and oversight. Our goal is to expand this program with additional full time Americorp members.

tutoring high impacr.jpg
After School

After school is less rigid, typically by individual volunteers, one-on-one or small groups, to help students with homework or other issues.

Adult tutoring youth

Peer to peer tutoring typically consists of student partnerships that link high achieving students with lower achieving students.  It typically occurs after school time and involves structured reading and math assistance.


To volunteer for any tutoring role, click here.

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