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Summer Sports & Enrichment

This free program combines sports, coaching, mentoring, enrichment and plain old summer fun.

Our first year

  • We served over 325 students from 31 Springfield middle and high schools.

  • We provided 16  (mandatory)  enrichment sessions.

  • We trained and employed 22 local college students to serve as coaches and mentors.

  • We offered 8 different sports that included, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, wrestling, volleyball and track.

Our outcomes

  • Our youth improved in their favorite sports and some tasted new sports.

  • Everyone got something from our enrichment sessions although they may not have appreciated it at the time.

  • Many youth developed role models and new friends.

  • Many youth learned that someone cares about and loves them.

  • BEST of all, our youth scored 5% points higher on ELA and 3% higher on math at the end of the summer compared to students who didn’t attend our program.

Sports program

This 2-hour block offered students their choice of basketball, soccer, baseball, girls softball, volleyball, track, tennis, and wrestling. All sports were supervised by HYF - paid student athletes from the local colleges.  We mixed serious coaching tips and trainings with fun.

Enrichment program

This 1-hour block was mandatory for all youth. Everyone liked some sessions but not others, but overall every camper was exposed to new concepts and ideas by HYF - paid inspirational speakers and trainers.  This exposure and inspirational thinking is in fact at the core of our work.  We credit this exposure with the Summer Learning gains that our program delivered, and with other benefits yet to be realized.

Kids playin soccer
Youth Engagement Lecture

Proposed expansion

Future summers will include a 90-minute block for continuation of fun, educational clubs, and career counseling options that will be carried over from our full-school-year programs.

Our Coaches

Are key to ensuring that students who participate in our programs have a safe, positive, and meaningful experience.  All our coaches receive professional training in areas like First Aid & CPR, Positive Youth Development Practices, Understanding the Signs & Symptoms of Child Abuse, and many more.  

Parents comments for the first year

"I liked that my child was able to learn more about her favorite sport, but also she got to go out and do different things not just cooped up in the house"


"I liked everything.  (My son) got a chance to know his new school where he’ll be a freshman.  It got him out the house to try new things and to meet his peers. "


"I liked that my daughter was interested in attending and actually had a good time.  I asked her if she would do it again next year and she said SUPER YES !"


"Great program! Will definitely enroll if available next summer. Thank you!"


"Thank you for providing this opportunity for children in the area and for all of your hard work."


"My two boys really enjoyed your camp this year and as a single mom having something  that was free was a godsend."

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